Master Roe Jai Myung is the son of Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung. From an early age he was greatly influenced by his father, who he has come to know as both father and Grandmaster. Martial arts has always been a source of enjoyment and fascination with master Myung. In his youth, he began emulating the world of martial arts around him. His lineage was unknown at the time.

Training began at the age of 7 between father and son. Locations to train were always changing, as they were immigrants and the culture of martial arts was just forming in America. The style, however, was purely “old school”, which meant strict obedience, repetition and always, effort. Lessons started with the basics of stretching, kicking, striking, falling, and the basic 10 techniques of Hapkido. Following his father through numerous seminars and meetings, the meaning of Hapkido has grown in depth and appreciation as both, its own art form, and also its own real tradition. Roe Jai Myung is currently the acting director of the World Hapkido Federation and Korea Yonmookwan Taekwondo Association.